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Your Companion's First Year


Let us introduce everyone to your new family member!

Have you welcomed a new kitten or puppy to your family?  Have you adopted your new family member from a shelter?Let us capture those special moments the first year your new companion is part of your family. 



Once you have signed up with a plan for your pet's first year, you will be rewarded for the entire year with specials and bonuses. 

Benefits include:

  • A savings of 20% on additional products purchased that are not included in the plan. 
  • You will become a VIP member and will receive early notification of specials and upcoming promotions, giving you the first opportunity to schedule. 
  • Special gifts throughout the year.
  • Choose monthly payments or receive a 10% discount on the plan when paid in full. 



Plan A:

  • 5 portrait sessions
  • 5 images in a complimentary frame
  • 8x8 custom album with 24 images of your choice
  • 24 folded holiday cards
  • 12 gift prints

Plan B:

  • 4 portrait sessions
  • 4 images in a complimentary frame
  • 5x7 album with 10 images of your choice
  • 24 flat holiday cards
  • 10 gift prints

Plan C:

  • 3 portrait sessions
  • 3 images in a complimentary frame
  • Photobox
  • 8 gift prints


Plans are one year in length and all sessions must be complete by the end of month 12. 


Sessions can take place either in the studio or on location