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Classes and Mentorships


Can't make it to a class or have specific things you want to learn? Purchase a 3 hour, 5 hour or 7 hour mentoring package.  Before we begin, we will have a detailed discussion of topics you would like to cover during our time together. 

Contact Lisa at 309.269.5013 for more information.


Photographing in Manual Mode


Sunday, April 7th

12:30 - 4:45 

Hauberg Estate, Rock Island

Call 309.269.5013 to register

Spend the afternoon at the Hauberg Estate learning or reviewing how to photograph using the manual mode function on your camera.  You will learn the following:
*ISO, aperture and shutter speed

*Using your camera's meter

*Metering Modes

*A review of shutter and aperture priority

*Photographing in manual mode


*Camera with a charged battery and all of the lenses you have - you will be photographing a lot
*Something to take notes on
*tripod if you have one


Paws, Whiskers and Portraiture

June 17th - 20th

Winona School of Professional Photography

Register at:

Spend the week learning how to incorporate pet portraiture into your business.  You will learn how to work with clients during the initial consultation, portrait session and sales session.  In the studio, you will work with a variety of props, lighting and attention getting techniques. 

You will leave the class with a marketing plan that includes both ongoing and seasonal promotions.  Lisa will share with you how she partners with businesses to create events both in her studio and on location.  Finally, you will learn how to approach animal shelters, rescues and other non profit organizations with a business plan that assists in finding new homes for animals, raises awareness for the shelter and generates income for your studio.